Gain Greater Success in Child Custody Cases With These Tips!

Child custody fights can be one of the most emotional and difficult parts of any divorce.

Child custody attorneys stress that with emotions running high, it is easy to make mistakes that can negatively affect a parent’s chances of getting more of what they want in the end.

Avoiding those missteps can be critical to a parent’s case; however, child custody law firms also point out that parents must acknowledge what is in their child’s best interest, as this is what the decision of the family court will reflect.

With this in mind, child custody lawyers recommend keeping these important points in mind during custody cases to get the best resolution.

  • Cooperate - The easiest way that child custody attorneys see their clients losing ground in custody cases is through outbursts, lying, and other bad behavior. Parents must keep their emotions in check and be willing to cooperate and compromise to gain the upper hand. No matter how upset or angry a parent is, cooperation with their child custody lawyer, their ex, and the court all goes a long way to helping them in their case. 
  • Act Responsibly - When trying to win a custody case, the worst thing a parent can do is let the court see evidence of them behaving badly. Child custody lawyers warn parents to avoid drug and alcohol use, refrain from behaviors that could result in accidents or traffic citations, stay off social media, and avoid anything that could give an ex-spouse proof that they are the ‘better parent’ due to evidence of poor or reckless behavior. 
  • Continue Being A Great Parent - Don’t let the frustration of a custody case prevent good parenting. If anything, child custody attorneys stress that children need their parents even more while these cases are going on. Parents should continue their active roles in their child’s life, providing the emotional, financial, and developmental support they always need.  
  • Have an In-Home Evaluation - To prevent the custody battle from turning into a she-said, he-said situation or one of discrediting each other to gain consideration, many child custody law firms recommend requesting an in-home court evaluation and doing it before the court orders one. This evaluation can illustrate firsthand the parent-child relationship and the living conditions in the home, making it harder for an angry spouse to lie about things. Willingness to be transparent can go a long way.

As basic as these ideas might seem, child custody lawyers find them to be paramount for putting the best foot forward in a custody case.

For more advice on succeeding in these hearings, contact a child custody law firm with compassionate attorneys who can help.